Dental Implants Q&A

Dec 19 • 2 minute read

When patients first consider dental implants, numerous questions begin to arise. The following guide is designed to better inform you of the procedure and provide peace of mind.

Q: Why do so many dentists recommend dental implants?

A: Dental implants preserve your dental health by mimicking the structure and biocompatibility of a natural tooth. The implant itself mirrors the root structure of a natural tooth, and by securing itself into the jawbone, helps to preserve the bone and maintain facial structure. Patients with dental implants are often more confident, as they know their restoration is secure, strong, and will last.

Q: If I undergo dental implant surgery, what is the healing process like?

A:  The healing process differs for each patient, as no two implant procedures are identical. Some patients require a bone graft prior to implant placement, while others opt for a same-day implant treatment. Most patients can expect to have a three to six month healing period, during which time the metal implant fuses with the jawbone. Once integration and healing are complete, a dental crown can be placed. 

Q: How do they compare to a denture or dental bridge?

A: Dental implants provide the same aesthetic solution as a denture or dental bridge, but the integrity of an implant is far stronger. Dental bridges are comparable, but over time, without stimulation by a tooth root, underlying jawbone will begin to lose volume. As the bone recedes, there is potential for adjacent teeth to lose strength, causing the bridge to fail. 

Dentures also do not stimulate jaw bone growth, leaving patients to experience bone loss which may result in a sunken or pinched facial aesthetic.

Q: Will my friends and family be able to tell I have a dental implant?

A: A dental implant is a beautiful restorative option and is designed to be undetectable. There are few people, other than your own dentist, who can detect an implant.

Q: How long does a dental implant last?

A: Dental implants can last a patient a lifetime if they’re well taken care of. Implants should be cared for similar to a natural tooth, and this includes undergoing regular dental exams. 

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