Importance of the First Visit

Sep 27 • 1 minute read

Introducing your child to the dentist at an early age is important to their health. Forming a good impression during a first visit helps instill good oral hygiene and can also prevent dental issues later in life. At Southwest Family Dentistry, our dentists educate patients of all ages on prevention. We believe that oral hygiene and consistent dental appointments will preserve your oral health.

First Impression

How your child reacts to the dentist as they grow older is often determined by the quality of their first visit. The first dental appointment helps instill good habits and can dictate the tone of their future visits. When a child has a positive relationship with his or her dentist, examinations and treatments will go much smoother.

Dentists recommend that parents schedule an appointment after their child's first birthday. As your child's new teeth erupt, harmful bacteria develops and can lead to cavities. Effective cleanings and oral hygiene can prevent decay and keep you healthy.

Planning for their First Visit

Preparing for your child’s first dental visit can help guarantee a good first impression. Bringing his or her favorite toy will help provide a sense of security. You should also consider rewarding your child after their dental appointment. This will help instill a positive outlook on oral healthcare that extends into adulthood. 

Children tend to base their reactions off those of adults. As such, parents should keep a calm and positive demeanor during a child's visit. This will help your child look forward to their visit. If this is your child’s first appointment, your family dentist will recommend that you stay in the room during the appointment.  Having a parent in the room can help put our young patients at ease. 

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At Southwest Family Dentistry, we work with parents to preserve the healthy smiles of their family. Whether it’s their first visit or the latest, we provide passionate and personalized care. We are dedicated to our patients, working with them to achieve their ideal smile. Call our office in Bakersfield today to schedule your appointment!

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