Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry in Bakersfield, California

Children should start learning how to care for their smiles as early as possible to ensure healthy teeth in the future. Preventive measures, such as thorough brushing and flossing, and oral care education establish good oral hygiene habits for years to come. At Southwest Family Dentistry, we provide children’s dentistry in Bakersfield and are committed to preventive care and treatment to ensure the comfort and overall well-being of our young patients.

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Education and Prevention for Children at Southwest Family Dentistry

Our Bakersfield dental team helps young patients, starting as early as the age of one, maintain healthy teeth. We help parents stay educated on their child’s oral care as well. During appointment times, parents sit alongside their children and are provided tips and at-home hygiene suggestions recommended for their children’s age and comfort level. 

Factors like diet choices and daily oral hygiene should be monitored by, setting a foundation for long-term health by preventing the development of pediatric dental cavities.

Getting children accustomed to dental procedures and examinations makes it easier for both dentist and child to build these important early relationships. Treating a problem due to insufficient oral care is more difficult than resolving the issue before it progresses. We work alongside parents to ensure their child’s teeth are getting the best care possible. 

Your Child’s First Appointment with our Bakersfield Dentist 

To make sure our young patients and their parents are comfortable, we recommend having the parent in the treatment room during initial appointments to get an understanding of what is happening during visits. This creates a positive impression when it comes to dental healthcare; children will be less apprehensive and more willing to go to the dental office. As our patients get older, they will feel more confident as routine examinations and treatments include x-rays, longer cleanings, or minor restorations, like fillings. 

Our professional staff understands that visiting the dentist can sometimes cause anxiety in our young patients so our practice offers sedation options. We want children to be able to relax during any procedure or examination.

For More Information, Contact Our Children’s Dentist!

If you would like more information on how Southwest Family Dentistry can maintain your child’s oral health, contact our office today. We schedule appointments for adults and children, during which we can answer any questions and help your child feel at-home at our office. 

Your children will be delighted to visit us at Southwest Dentistry!

We make their visits fun, educational, while keeping their health, smiles and comfort a tip priority!

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